Sorry for being so late but only just got out of hospital today!

💕Jadyns birth story💕

Was in slow labour from the 20/3 - 25/3, stuck at 3cm dilated.

On the 25th,
8pm my waters broke so was admitted to hospital with contractions occurring 5mins lasting 30sec which turned into every 2 minutes lasting 60-90 seconds within the hour.
Hopped in the shower and had an internal done which showed dilation to 4cm.
10pm got into the bath and started on the gas + air.
11pm got out of the bath to the bed & internal showed 5cm dilation and Jadyns head was 100% engaged, the pain was becoming to much so asked for morphine.
Come midnight (26/3) I was in bed on my side sucking on gas like it was oxygen and using constant heat packs.
4am had another internal done, was 7cm dilated so I was given another morphine shot.
Started crowning & pushing at 8am.
8:34am on the 26th of March 2014, Jadyn Damien was born,
Weighing 7 pounds 11, 51cm long with a head circumference of 34.5cm.
So had a total labour time of 12 hours and 34 minutes :)
He didn’t cry at birth so was given a small amount of oxygen to clear his airways of mucus and then he was fine.

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  • 31 March 2014
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